Luxury Vacations for Excited Travelers

Luxury VacationsWorking long hours at your job can really drain your mental batteries after a while. A luxury vacation is just what you need to recharge yourself so you can excel again. Ohana Sunscapes wants you to feel free to indulge yourself by creating luxury vacation packages that are perfect for you and your loved ones. Whether you want a relaxing Caribbean vacation or something a bit more adventurous, our travel agency is ready to help you create your adventure from start to finish.

Flights, accommodations, and a whole range of activities can all be scheduled and booked when you work with our friendly travel agent. Our travel agent, Patti Casas, takes care of all of the details so you don’t have to worry about a thing except having a good time and making the most out of your stay. With our vacation packages, the world really is your oyster. Come to us when you are looking for luxury vacations to such destinations as:

  • Europe
  • Caribbean
  • North America
  • Central & South America

Please be advised that pricing and availability change day to day; sometimes even faster than that. Our travel agency is not liable if a customer does not put a deposit down on a quote in a timely manner and that room, flight, or pricing is no longer available. Rooms and other accommodations are not on hold unless a deposit is made.

Your Dream Vacation Begins Here

Are you a huge golf fan that has always dreamed about being able to play the lush greens in Europe? Maybe you want to play golf at St. Andrew’s on the Old Course? Interested in seeing the British Open? All you have to do is ask our travel agent about available luxury vacation packages and we are able to set something up to make all of your golfing dreams come true.

Maybe you are more interested in river cruising? What a beautiful, relaxing way to see the sights and cities along the rivers of Europe. Stop and sample the wine. See the historical sights. Take a bike and ride through all of the narrow and exciting streets throughout the cities. With one of our European river cruising tours, you are given the opportunity to see places that the large cruise ships simply cannot get into.

Dream of having a glass of wine with the one you love at a sidewalk café near the Eiffel Tower? How about a romantic bistro in Paris for dinner? Is visiting the wine country of France on your bucket list? No matter what type of European vacation you are looking to enjoy, our travel agency can book it for you.

Cool & Relaxing Caribbean Vacations

Luxury VacationsWant a vacation that offers the best of everything? Consider an all-inclusive resort. Bringing the whole family? Consider staying in one of their multi-room villas with a private pool. These Caribbean vacations may seem expensive at first, but once you sit down and actually do the math, it just isn’t as scary of a number as it seems.

Try adding up the different components for another land-based vacation and you will see that they are comparable. When you divide that number down even further, depending on who all is going on the trip with you, it is actually pretty affordable for what you get. Don’t rule anything out based on price alone when it comes to staying in the Caribbean or you could end up missing out on the memories of a lifetime.

Did you know that some Caribbean resorts and cruises have wonderful friends for your children to play with? It is true! For example at Beaches Turks & Caicos you are able to have such friends as Grover and Cookie Monster come out and read stories to your children, tuck them in, and turn an amazing trip into something even more extraordinary. Your children are sure to love something like this and you are likely to become even more of a super parent than you already are.

Contact us to start planning your luxury vacation package. Our travel agent is excited to provide luxury vacations to individuals and families located throughout the High Point, North Carolina, area.