About Our Travel Agency

Are you looking for competent, experienced, and friendly advice and assistance when you are planning your vacation? Someone who guarantees you will have a great time? Welcome to Ohana Sunscapes. Our travel agent is an expert in family travel planning services. Our specialist agency and travel advisor are ready to provide you with assistance in the planning of:

  • Destination Weddings
  • Disney Vacation Destinations
  • Luxury Trips
  • Romantic Getaways
  • Family Reunions
  • Cruises/River Cruises
  • Honeymoons
  • All-Inclusive Resorts
  • Multigenerational Travel

The Philosophy of Our Travel Advisor

Have you decided to take your family on a vacation, but don’t know where to start? Don’t like planning because of all the details involved? Feeling stressed from work? Frazzled by all of the online information available? Does your family only communicate by text, even when you are sitting next to each other? When you go out to a restaurant, or even at home, are you all on some sort of electronic device? Feel like you need to disconnect from the Wi-Fi and reconnect as a family? How about taking Grandma and Grandpa along with you? Think planning for many people is like herding cats? Everyone has an opinion and they are all right. Our travel agency is here to be your pain reliever and do the travel planning with you.

As a multi-generational family travel specialist agency, we offer your entire family planning services to Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and all of the other popular vacation destinations. We feel that nothing beats customized, personalized service with a certain attention to detail. While many Internet sites promise special deals, travelers are often unaware of restrictions, exceptions, and fine print. Did you know that when you book through one of these Internet sites you are likely to end up in the worst room, service, and location in the resort that is available? Not many do. It is because you didn’t pay for what they deem as the true value the resort affords. Are you willing to risk your vacation because this was “the cheapest?” As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Making the right choices based on price alone is not always the best course of action for travelers. Value should always win out over price. You need a professional consultant working on your behalf, always looking out for the needs and best interests of the client. Think one of those sites will be there for you if you run into an issue while on vacation? Nope. Feel like explaining your situation multiple times to multiple people? Probably not. You should be out enjoying your vacation. With our travel agency you will only ever deal with one person, the agent you’re working with.

Meet Our Owner, Patti Casas

Patti Casas recognized the need for online agents in the technology-driven world we live in. While many travel agents have succumbed to the pressure of bargain Internet sites, Patti recognized the niche for knowledgeable and specialized travel professionals. She knew that travelers would appreciate the value and knowledge of a specialized travel agency. Many travelers have learned that they can actually save money, time, and aggravation by seeking the help of an experienced travel professional.

Patti’s advanced degrees in Forensic Biology and Criminal Justice helps her to be detail-oriented. She also has vast experience in the customer service venue and always strives to keep her clients’ individual needs and best interests in the forefront. Family is at the core of what Patti does. She has often been referred to as a “love bomb,” a chocolate-covered caramel (sweet on the outside, but filled with ooey-gooey goodness), and the “Willy Wonka of Travel,” because she likes to put her clients in a bubble of comfort and send them on their amazing vacations. She has experience in planning vacations for groups as well as individuals. She is currently a work-at-home mom of two wonderful boys, a wannabe-golfer, and married to her best friend Lou, who supports her unconditionally. She continuously expands her knowledge base with supplier training and stays current on her certifications. She works tirelessly on plans and always looks out for the best interests of her clients.


  • BA in Forensic Biology & Criminal Justice
  • MA in Criminal Justice
  • The Travel Institute – Certified Travel Associate
  • The Travel Institute – Certified Travel Counselor
  • The Travel Institute – Destination Specialist – Caribbean
  • The Travel Institute – Destination Specialist – Hawaii
  • The Travel Institute – Niche Markets – Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
  • The Travel Institute – Lifestyle Specialist – Luxury
  • Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association Certified
  • Special Needs Group Certified Accessible Travel Agent
  • Cruise Line International Association – Accredited Cruise Counselor


  • Cruise Line International Association (CLIA)
  • National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA)
  • The Travel Institute
  • Triad Bridal Association
  • Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Specialists Association (DWHSA)

Contact Patti for more information about her travel agency and how she can best assist you. Our travel planning services are available to customers located throughout the High Point, North Carolina, area.